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While The Old Kirby Place fishing experience is one that's treasured by expert anglers, we offer plenty of opportunities for those of various skill levels. From the Madison River to nearby lakes, rivers, streams, and our own trout pond, the experience of fly fishing in Montana is one that will bring you closer to nature and your family and friends.

Fly Fishing Spots

Within 30 minutes of The Old Kirby Place, you have an unmatched variety of prized fishing spots, from large rivers and lakes to small streams and ponds.

Rivers and Streams

Madison River – Named by explorers Lewis and Clark in honor of future president James Madison, the Madison River originates in Yellowstone National Park. It is a Blue Ribbon fishery which is a designation reserved for recreational fisheries of extremely high quality based upon a criterion that takes into account the quality and quantity of the water, accessibility, natural reproduction capacity, angling pressure, and species of fish. Located a fly cast from our lawn, the Madison is 200 feet wide and runs 300 feet alongside our property.

Gallatin River – The Gallatin River also begins in Yellowstone National Park, and was named for U.S. Treasury Secretary Albert Gallatin by Lewis and Clark. Portions of the river have also earned the prestigious Blue Ribbon designation. Surrounded by beautiful Montana countryside, the Gallatin features one of the most exciting whitewater runs in the Yellowstone area. Scenes from the film "A River Runs Through It" were shot on the Gallatin River.

West Fork of the Madison – For those who enjoy smaller rivers, the West Fork is 30 feet wide and joins the Madison approximately 300 yards downstream from The Old Kirby Place.

Streams – Fishing smaller creeks is often a good change of pace from the larger rivers. Nearby popular streams include Beaver, Indian and Grayling creeks.

Yellowstone National Park – is only 45 minutes from The Old Kirby Place. The Park contains numerous fishing opportunities ranging from the Firehole River, Gibbins River, and the Upper Madison, to various smaller tributaries.

Lakes and Ponds

Hebgen Lake – Created by the construction of Hebgen Dam in 1914, Hebgen Lake is 15 miles long, 4 miles wide and has 65 miles of shoreline. At 6,500 feet elevation, Hebgen Lake has been called the premier stillwater fishing lake in Montana.

Quake Lake – Officially named Earthquake Lake, it was created in 1959 when an earthquake registering 7.5 on the Richter scale caused a landslide which temporarily blocked the Madison River. Located only several miles downstream from Hebgen Dam, Quake Lake measures 6 miles long and is 190 feet deep. A stop at the Visitors Center is a must.

Cliff Lake – For a pristine alpine experience, Cliff Lake provides not only breath taking scenery, but also great fishing. It held the Montana state record for Rainbow Trout at 20 pounds for over 30 years.

Wade Lake – A sister lake adjacent to Cliff Lake, Wade Lake currently holds the Montana state record for Brown Trout at 29 pounds.

Old Kirby Place Pond – Recently named Lake LeAnn, the one acre pond in our backyard provides great and convenient fishing. A 26 inch Brown Trout was recently caught and released at our pond.