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At The Old Kirby Place, we are dedicated to providing our guests with the best time possible whether you are fishing, hiking or just relaxing with family and friends.

"Our family spent a wonderful weekend together at The Old Kirby Place. From fly fishing the Madison to sitting next to the river banks enjoying a meal and conversation, this was truly the trip of a lifetime."
– Mike Crawford, Sun Valley, Idaho

"I don't know how anyone could get more immersed in the natural beauty of Montana than they do while staying at The Old Kirby Place. There are so many trees and rivers and animals all around you all the time. We can't wait to come back."
– Dennis Rosch, Bend, Oregon

"You just haven't been fly fishing until you've cast your line into the Upper Madison. And you haven't stayed at a real fishing lodge until you've checked into The Old Kirby Place."
– Pat Coyle, Santa Rosa, California

"Our group just couldn't have had a better week than we did at The Old Kirby Place. Is there any way that you guys will let me live here?"
- Don Arkell, Eugene, Oregon

"When I'd heard that The Old Kirby Place was on the Madison, I figured it was close but not anywhere near as close as it is. Such a peaceful place. My friends and I had a terrific time."
– Dave Weir, Boulder City, Nevada